November 24, 2022 – The Town of Lunenburg intends to divest ownership of 17 Tannery Road, the Old New Town School referred to as the Annex. The property has now been listed for sale on the open market with ViewPoint at an asking price of $399,000.

While the property is not located in the Heritage Conservation District or World Heritage Site, the building itself (built 1883) is a registered municipal heritage property. This designation would continue to apply to the building regardless of change of ownership.

The Town completed the process of subdividing the property to exclude public services and a power line originally part of the lot. The property for sale is now clear and is registered as Property ID 60725470; therefore, the real estate listing has proceeded as directed by Council.

The real estate listing for 17 Tannery Road can be viewed here:


There are provisions under Nova Scotia’s Municipal Government Act regarding disposition of surplus municipal property. Final sale approval authority resides with Town Council.

Proceeds for the disposal of surplus assets (including land) are required to be placed in the Town’s Capital reserve, where they can be reinvested in future capital projects for the community.

Divesting the property supports the goals of the Comprehensive Community Plan in terms of properly managing municipal facilities and supporting economic development.


• For more background on Town property divestiture including Council rationale, visit Frequently Asked Questions - Sale of Municipal Properties:
• Agenda and/or Minutes packages re: the Council Meeting of June 14, 2022 which contains the full report on this item can be downloaded here:
• The Comprehensive Community Plan is available on the Town website here:

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