November 2, 2022 – Fall is tree planting season!

The Town of Lunenburg has taken delivery of the first batch of 24 trees for a new tree planting program. (The 25th tree for this year will be delivered for spring planting.) A Public Works team – seen below with one of the new trees on November 1st – will be planting over the coming weeks in carefully pre-selected sites.

Tree Planting Nov 1 2022


Lunenburg’s canopy has been compromised over the years as trees have had to be removed due to disease, age, conflict with electrical wires, and other causes.

 The Town’s project team worked with Coastal Action, Heritage Landscaping, and our internal experts at Public Works to assess and select the sites and species for this year. The sites are mainly in Old Town, with a combination of native and non-native species chosen with location suitability and climate change resiliency in mind. (See map below.)

Urban trees are beautiful, and so much more. Trees clean the air, improve water filtration and storm runoff, reduce heat build-up in summer, provide habitat for wildlife, promote use of outdoor public spaces, and promote mental well-being.

Come spring 2023, Town staff will evaluate how the new trees survived the winter and confirm the project plan for the 2023 batch of 25 trees. The Town is grateful to have received Provincial funding from the Beautification and Street Scaping Program in support.

The Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) specifically calls for “policies and programs for street trees and urban forest” in addition to the regular annual maintenance by Public Works and the Electric Utility.

These improvements to our urban forest will ensure enhanced enjoyment of our community for many years to come.

To download a PDF of this Fact Sheet, click pdf here (849 KB) .


Tree of all Trades (HRM video on urban trees):

• The Comprehensive Community Plan is available on the Town website here: