May 20, 2022 – The Town of Lunenburg intends to subdivide and divest a portion of Hall Street PID 60500006 into private hands for private uses. The portion of the lot inside the Town boundary is zoned Industrial for current and future use under the Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Planning Strategy.

The approach approved by Town Council at their May 10, 2022 meeting is to subdivide PID 60500006 into two lots. This decision supports the Comprehensive Community Plan’s strategic goal for economic development.

The portion indicated as “sell” in the below map has frontage on Hall Street and does not require road extensions.

 The portion of the lot marked “keep” above is owned by the Town but resides in the District of Lunenburg (MODL) with no zoning requirements. It is preferred that this portion remain under Town ownership to ensure compatible future development with frontage on Knickle Road.

Next steps include surveying for the subdivision plan, which is scheduled to take place in the fall. When this work is completed, the property can be listed on the open real estate market.

The Town is required under Nova Scotia’s Municipal Government Act to receive fair market value for surplus property. Final sale approval authority resides with Council.

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• Agenda and/or Minutes packages re: the Council Meeting of May 10, 2022 can be downloaded here:
• The Comprehensive Community Plan is available on the Town website here:

 Option 3 Map Sale of Land Upper Hall Street