Lunenburg’s planning documents are based on the Comprehensive Community Plan, which is a policy document that enables our community to plan its development for all aspects of community life. Planning helps build our future by managing growth and physical form through land use policies and regulations for form, use, and lots.

Permits are required for most projects, such as building a deck, erecting a fence, or changing the use of a property. Town staff will assist you in completing your Planning and Development Permit applications before starting your project. For permit inquiries, please contact the Town Hall, 119 Cumberland Street, 902-634-4410, ext. 225 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance. Our staff will guide you through the approval process. Download the pdf Permit Process Flow Chart (167 KB)  for more information.

Project Lunenburg CCP

The pdf Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) (34.26 MB) is the 40-year strategic plan for the Town of Lunenburg. The Town engaged its citizens over an 18-month process to define the community's goals and aspirations, and to chart a course that will have community efforts moving in the same direction, contributing to a shared vision for the future. Project Lunenburg was completed with the partnership of Upland Planning + Design.

For more details and information, including status reporting and Project Lunenburg community engagement documents, please visit the Comprehensive Community Plan page.

Municipal Planning Strategy

*New planning documents are in effect as of September 22, 2021.*

The Town's new regulations present an exciting and ground-breaking approach to planning in Atlantic Canada, and were built on the foundation of Project Lunenburg and the Comprehensive Community Plan.

The Municipal Planning Strategy is the policy document of Council regarding the use of land in Lunenburg. The accompanying Land Use Bylaw and Subdivision Bylaw are the documents through which Council's policies are administered.

Land Use BylawLUBSplash

*NEW* Online Zoning Look-up Map

The Town of Lunenburg has developed an online tool to assist residents and businesses in finding what zones apply to their property under the new three-layer lot/form/use designations in the 2021 Land Use Bylaw. To look up a property, use the street address, property ID number, or simply click on the map. Click on the image at right or link here:

Subdivision Bylaw

Development Permit

The Land Use Bylaw regulates the type of use permitted on any lot in the Town of Lunenburg and the location of all buildings and structures on any lots. In addition, it deals with requirements for items such as signs, fences and parking. The main tool for administration of the Land Use Bylaw is the requirement for a development permit for any new development or change in use, or any new structure. Any change to the outside of a building on the lower portion of Dufferin Street, Falkland Street and Tannery Road also requires a development permit for heritage conservation purposes.

Development Agreement

A development agreement is a contract between the owner of a lot and the Town which allows a development that would not usually be allowed on the lot to occur subject to specific terms and conditions. For more information, please contact Dawn Sutherland, Planning & Development Manager, 902-634-4410, ext. 255, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Subdivision Approval

Any change in the boundary of a lot requires subdivision approval. A "Subdivision Application" is the form used for this process, which generally begins with an applicant hiring a surveyor to prepare the required information.

Building Permit Approval

Please view Building Inspection.

Town of Lunenburg Planning and Development Maps

Municipal Climate Change Action Plan

A Municipal Climate Change Action Plan (MCCAP) was completed by the Town of Lunenburg in February 2015. The MCCAP is divided into two sections including Adaptation and Mitigation. This plan is a means of considering climate change impacts within the Town boundaries. Planning enables the Town, residents, businesses and developers to better respond to climate change, reduce risk and minimize damage. The purpose of the MCCAP is to proactively plan for climate change and identify where adaptation and mitigation measures are necessary to improve public safety and community sustainability. The Town also hired a consultant to prepare a higher resolution map showing the impact of sea-level rise and storm surge levels in the years 2025 and 2100. Both these documents can be viewed by clicking on the links provided below.


  • Development Agreement Application: $1450 (Application fee $750 plus advertising deposit $700)
  • Land Use By-law Amendment Application: $1450 (Application fee $750 plus advertising deposit $700)
  • Municipal Planning Strategy Amendment Application: $1450 (Application fee $750 plus advertising deposit $700)
  • Subdivision: $131.25 for the first 5 lots and $33.10 for each additional lot. Also cheque for $113.35 to register the subdivision in the Land Registration Office.  
  • Encroachment Agreement : $100
  • Zoning Confirmation Letter: $52.30