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Mayor Risser issues an update on the last Friday of every month.

Current Issue


Happy holidays, neighbours. I hope you’re all following Nova Scotia Health guidelines and staying safe in the face of this distressing Omicron wave.

While December is often a quiet month, things didn’t slow down at the Town this year.

  1. Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade: Pre-design work has been extended to better define the technical and financial aspects of the selected design beyond the conceptual stage. This work will allow the Town to prioritize short-term and long-term upgrades, and also give us a higher chance of success in obtaining partnership funding. The work will start immediately. More on the Upgrades Project is available here:
  2. Heritage Bylaw: The Town will be partnering with Brighter Community Planning & Consulting and EVOQ Strategies for the next phase of Project Lunenburg – a Revised Heritage Conservation District Plan and Bylaw as well as a Revised Heritage Property Bylaw. The new team bring expertise, energy, and enthusiasm to the table and we’re happy for them to get to work.
  3. Organization Review: The Comprehensive Community Plan calls for full and inclusive reviews of the Town organization, bylaws and policies, and the setting of measurements for progress of our Five-Year Plan. We’re pleased to be partnering with MC Advisory Group to proceed with this work.
  4. Planning/Heritage Applications: Council gave First Reading to both an application for an amendment to the Municipal Planning Strategy and an application for demolition at our December 14th meeting. Both applications will move to Public Hearings to allow for more information and a fuller discussion before any decisions are made. Dates will be announced online and in the newspaper. A Fact Sheet on the project is available here:
  5. Salt Truck: With the winter upon us, you’ll be pleased to hear that Public Works is buying a replacement five-ton salt truck to help our crews continue their excellent work on road safety and snow removal in the town.

That’s it for this year! Have a safe and happy New Year. I’m looking forward to 2022 with you all.

Mayor Matt Risser
Town of Lunenburg