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Proposed Amendments to MPS and LUB: Deleting Vending & ACAs

At its March 14 meeting, Council approved first reading of an amendment to the Land Use By-Law (LUB) to delete Schedule “G” Vending. Council also approved first reading of an amendment to the Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and LUB to delete Architectural Control Areas (ACAs). 

Deleting vending regulations from the LUB 

Council is scheduled to approve a new Vending By-law, likely in April. Once approved, this bylaw will regulate all vending activities within the Town. 

Currently, there are some vending provisions in the Town’s Land Use By-law (LUB). With the adoption of a new Vending By-law, having any regulations for vending in the LUB is not necessary. 

Deleting ACAs from the MPS and LUB 

Staff are working on a new Heritage Conservation District (HCD) plan and by-law to regulate architectural provisions for the Town. This new plan and by-law are expected to be presented to Council in the near future. 

Currently ACA provisions are within the MPS and LUB. With the adoption of a new HCD plan and by-law, having architectural provisions in the MPS and LUB is not necessary. 

Except for the proposed removal of the Tannery Road ACA, both proposed amendments are not deleting regulations, but rather moving them to separate documents.

View the staff reports outlining the amendments:

March 14 Council Meeting Highlights

Council Highlights are published on the Town's website following each regular meeting. The most recent highlights are now available here. Recordings of the meeting are also available on YouTube. 

FACT SHEET: New Wastewater Infrastructure for Lunenburg

The Town of Lunenburg will receive over seven million dollars in wastewater infrastructure funding from the Governments of Canada and Nova Scotia through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP). 


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Town Council Meeting - Mar 14, 2023

Council header 2023

The next Town Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Mar 14, 2023 at 6:00pm, and will be held in-person at Lunenburg Town Hall (120 Townsend Street entrance) and online. The public is welcome!

This meeting includes the following topics of community interest:

- Proposed 1st Reading for amendments to the Municipal Planning Strategy and/or Land-Use By-law re: vending and architectural control areas
- Interim update on Cornwallis Street re-naming
- 2023 Volunteer of the Year


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Reminder: 2023/24 Community Grants Deadline

Please note that the deadline to apply for 2023/24 Community Grants is fast approaching! Applications are due no later than March 31, 2023.

Download the application or find out about previous grants here:

Thank you and good luck!

FAQ: Blockhouse Hill RFP and Land Divestiture Process

Blockhouse Hill RFP and Land Divestiture Process Clarifications

To download this FAQ as a PDF, click pdf here (342 KB) .


Why are we doing this? Why can’t we just leave it for the animals and have a nice piece of nature?

The Town has three tools to generate revenue to help offset capital costs; raise taxes, cut services or generate a revenue stream, such as selling land. As we’ve all seen in our own lives, expenses are on the rise and the Town is working to find solutions that won’t put more pressure on residents.

Our best available land to sell is Blockhouse Hill. By readying these lands for development using a Request for Proposals (RFP) we have a say into what is eventually constructed on that site.

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